Room settings presets

Here is the list of all submitted room configurations that can be loaded by the game.

ID Title Description Submitted by
1 Default All standard settings jez
7 HDO9 Rules of the HDO9 tournament jez
9 HDO9_public Rules of the HDO9 tournament, rooms are forced to be public jez
10 Quickfire Guideline rules (HDO9-like) with the following changes: 25% messiness (garbage hole column may change during an attack), PC sends only 9 lines, hurry-up after 150 seconds, #players is set to 2. Okey_Dokey
12 Retro 2 previews, no hold, 14-bag, b2b + T-Spins + Combos enabled (TF combo table), garbage canceling but no blocking, 60% messiness. Primary means of attack should be Tetrises, downstack combos and variable width combos (2 wide on bottom, 3 wide in middle, 4 wide on top). Okey_Dokey
13 P vs T system An even weaker combo table, less attack power for T-Spin Double/Triple. Same combo table and T-Spin table as in Puyo vs. Tetris matches. MattMayuga
14 Battle Combo Table Uses the combo table from Battle. MattMayuga
15 Classic memoryless randomizer, 1 preview, no Hold, T-Spins + Combos + PCs not rewarded, back-to-back enabled, garbage canceling but no blocking, 70% garbage messiness. Primary means of attack should be Tetrises (well on the wall) and downstack Doubles. 2 players only. Okey_Dokey